Tradition and precision

Company WoodKocis ltd. was founded in 1996 by Anna and Imrich Kocis. The company transformed itself into a limited liability company in 2009 with the gradual expansion of premises and the acquisition of the technological equipment. Many innovative changes predominantly in the production process have taken place within the company since its founding. Continuous upgrading of technological equipment and expansion of the operational spaces has increased the efficiency and quality of the finished products. The selection and training of employees is the key to maintaining good manufacturing practices and more modern technologies. In the course of its existence, the company WoodKocis ltd. has met with a high level of satisfaction of its clients in Slovakia, but also abroad. The company is the largest employer focusing exclusively on the production of wooden windows, wood-aluminum windows, doors, sliding walls, etc. in the village of Zehra and its surroundings.

There was also growing interest abroad in the quality of carpentry windows from Zehra and the Kocis company. When the first manufacturer of euro-windows and doors in the region appeared in the 1990s, there was a growing interest of entrepreneurs from abroad living in Slovakia in the purchase of windows and their implementation. More and more customers, mostly from Slovakia and abroad, came to see the honest work. That hasn’t changed at all in 20 years. Sophisticated production process, modern woodworking technology and experience of employees determined the quality on the Slovak market. 

The motto of the company is to produce for the customer exclusively:

  • from the highest quality materials
  • with the latest technology
  • at a high craft level

To Provide the customer with a reasonable price guarantee of:

  • High quality and durability of products
  • High aesthetic level
  • High utility value
Drevovýroba Kočiš