Rustic Wooden Windows

In the company WoodKocis ltd. you can also find a reliable partner in the production of rustic windows. The technology used in the production of rustic windows guarantees an exact replica of the original windows. These windows do not disturb the historic architecture of the building and at the same time meet the thermal insulation parameters of current standards and requirements. Many years of experience in the field of window production have enabled us to gain foreign clients and regularly export our products abroad.

Rustic windows manufactured by WoodKocis meet the maximum criteria of conservationists, who demand the preservation of the architectural stability of buildings, including all installed elements.

Windows for churches, historical buildings, castles and chateaux? You are in the right place with us.

Wooden windows Profiles

Do you need more detailed informations about the profiles of rustic windows and do you want to know more about the design options? Contact us today.


Rustic wooden window profile

Possibilities of a finish in IV68, IV78, IV88, IV98.