Dear our client

This website enables to you to list through the product catalogues offered by our company. They are divided into three categories

  • Euro type windows 1 and 2,
  • Exterior doors 1 and 2,
  • Interior doors 1 and 2

and you have the possibility to download our general profile catalogue. If you are interested in a specific product in accordance with their specification (e.g.  VO127, etc.) you can get the quotation directly at our company. We have to let you know, that cataloques on our website can not be uploaded, so We recommend you to follow our products on each product category separately on website.

If you have specias request for production, please contact us by phone, email or contact form..Thank you


Katalóg Eurookná 1
Katalóg Eurookná 2
Katalóg interiérové dvere
Katalóg exteriérové dvere

Company Presentation Catalog

Prezentačný katalóg SK
Prezentačný katalóg EN
Prezentačný katalóg DE
Prezentačný katalóg RU