Wood-aluminum windows are one of the most durable products of our production. It is a mixed system that allows high energy saving windows. It is suitable for realization of passive houses, low-energy buildings and construction of winter gardens. Wood-aluminum windows meet the maximum weather resistance criteria. They are most often used in modern architecture, where they are often installed in exposed areas without overlapping the roof. They combine the magic and warmth of wood, the strength of aluminum and its durability, high performance and innovation.

We pay attention to design and detail using the highest quality components on the market and the highest quality class of wood used.

By combining wood and aluminium, we get much more value added and positive properties than:

  • Heat transfer coefficient of the entire window starting at Uw = 0,640 W/[m2K]
  • A wide range of applications for different types of architecture ranging from industrial buildings to passive houses
  • design that meets the high demands of contemporary buildings
  • quality, maintenance-free, safety
  • exterior resistance and pleasant natural material
  • High acoustic insulation
  • Colour and aesthetic flexibility ( easy to make the windows with two colors)




Systems of wood-aluminium windows

The ISO 9001 quality management system and many other certificates guarantee the reliability of our products.



Wood-aluminium window GS-Centurio

GS-Centurio is a special system with a so-called hidden wing. The effect is the same as a fixed glazing. It is a very attractive form for modern construction characterized by the simplicity and purity of architectural expression. The system equally meets the insulation criteria and the measured value of the heat transfer coefficient (Uw) is certified from Uw = 0.717 W / [m2K]

GS Centurio

Wood-aluminium window GS-200

GS-200 is a system designed for those who prefer a traditional pragmatic solution. This is the most popular system with classic AL profiles. From a design point of view, it has the most design options from all GS systems. The heat transfer coefficient (Uw) is certified to a value from Uw = 0.735 W / [m2K]


Wood-aluminium window GS-300

GS-300 is a system with sharp edges of the profile. It fits into contemporary, modern architecture wherever concrete, steel, and glass are used. Individuality is underlined by the fact that the GS-300 system profiles do not have a sloping edge, and that the profile areas create a right angle. The measured value of the heat transfer coefficient (Uw) is certified from Uw = 0.731 W / [m2K]


Wood-aluminium window GS-400

GS-400 is a system with typically sharp profile edges similar to the GS-300 system. The wing area is aligned with the frame, creating one area. At the same time, the special shape of the aluminum wing moves through the 15 mm glass to the outer edge. This allows the use of coarser triple glazing. Individuality is underlined by the fact that the profiles of the GS-300 system do not have a ripped edge, and the profile areas are right angled.


Wood-aluminium window GS-500

GS-500 is a system where the outer edge of the frame and wings is bent. Linear offers another option for aesthetic solutions to the exterior appearance of the architecture. The measured value of the heat transfer coefficient (Uw) is certified from Uw = 0.731 W / [m2K]


Wood-aluminium window Passiv

The Passiv system is primarily intended for window constructions of passive buildings. Due to its excellent thermal and mechanical properties, it is uniquely designed for buildings with high demands on energy efficiency. The system is certified as a component of the Passivhaus Institut, meets the requirements of this institution on the characteristics of the passive house (Uw ≤ 0.800 W / [m2K]). The heat transfer coefficient (Uw) is certified to a value from Uw = 0.640 W / [m2K]

We offer you a wide range of colors. Create the most beautiful wood-aluminum windows for your home today.

Vzorky drevohliník
Vzorky drevohliník
Vzorky drevohliník
Vzorky drevohliník